Our Students

Andrea Paola

Andrea has come from Spain to study Engineering Technology at Melbourne Polytechnic

I am happy to be an engineer but I also want to use my knowledge to help more people. Right now I feel like many things are coming and I feel at peace. Moving to Australia has been a challenging experience but I know now that everything will get better with time. I want to improve a lot of things about myself, every single day. I want to take more risks. For example I I recently got the position as the president of the international students association at Melbourne Polytechnic and last week I had the opportunity to go to the Melbourne International Student Conference. It was an amazing experience to be able to connect with other people who are making a difference in our community. Right now I am working in a lot of different jobs but I don’t care because I am building my future so then when new ideas come to my mind, it will remind me why I’m here and I will pursue them with everything I have.

People say to me it is really hard to do things in Australia, like learning English or finding a job. I say it is not Australia. It is not the country. It is you. If you want to do something you love with a passion, I’m sure you can get it. And if you are going to complain, say it to yourself, not to me because really I am open for people who are willing to look for solutions. If you only just put negatives thoughts out there, go fly. A lot of people say to me why are you in this mode and I say because this is life. Life is just one. You have two choices, I can or I can’t. If you can, go ahead and start doing it.




Diploma of Engineering Technology (Civil)