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Amee McCoy

Amee McCoy always knew she would pursue a career in sport.

After completing Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV and Diploma of Sports Development, she now has the confidence to take her career in any direction she chooses.

“Studying at Melbourne Polytechnic gave me more confidence in what I was doing, to go and do things on my own without relying on others.”

Amee McCoy came to Melbourne Polytechnic straight from school keen to further her knowledge, make new friends and learn about avenues for further study in the field of sports.

Like many VCE students, Amee was unsure as to which direction she wanted to take once school finished. She knew she was interested in sport but wasn’t sure which path to take.

“I was completing my VCE and wanted to do more sports-based study like sports psychology, but I was also more interested into exercise science and teaching physical education at the time.”

She enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic's Certificate IV in Sports Development and continued to complete the Diploma of Sports Development in 2012.

“I was always interested in sport, always a little tomboy running around playing basketball, netball, rounders and volleyball.”

Amee hoped that her studies would offer her knowledge and experiences, new friends and a chance to study further. To her surprise, Amee found that she also gained other new skills.

 “Studying at Melbourne Polytechnic gave me more confidence. In high school you rely on your teachers to help you find information, whereas at Melbourne Polytechnic when you have to do an assignment you had to go and find it for yourself.”

While the learning style encouraged Amee to be more independent, she found that her teachers were always supportive and approachable when she needed help.

“It was very hands on. If you had any issues you could ask, if you were stuck on something you could email, rather than waiting a week until the next lesson or next time you met.”

Amee particularly appreciated having the same teachers throughout the two years of her studies because “we got to know them and they got to know us really well.”

During the Diploma, Amee’s coordinator and one of her teachers nominated her for a study grant, which proved to be invaluable to her learning and studies.

“I was able to buy a new laptop because mine had broken and this meant I could get all my work done without the stress of having to work in the library and not at home. It was really good timing!”

As a school leaver, Amee found that there were some challenges at times, but none that weren’t eventually overcome.

“If I had too many assignments and left them to the last minute, that was stressful. It was good to learn how to spread them out and learn time management skills along the way. It probably took me a couple of months to get used to it all.”

One of the highlights of her time at Melbourne Polytechnic was the sports camp at Anglesea where students from both courses had a chance to develop close ties. Another highlight was when her class helped to run the Sports for All program for the Work Education students.

But after studying “lots of muscles and bones” for two years, Amee now feels ready for a change.

“Studying at Melbourne Polytechnic has changed my life because I can now go out and get a job if I want to or pursue more studies. I hope to study Business Management and maybe run my own business or maybe study a Diploma of Education and go into teaching.”

Amee has received an early offer from Victoria University’s Sports Management program and has also expressed her interest in studying a Bachelor of Business at Melbourne Polytechnic.

“I think my qualifications will be a good foundation for me. I’ve kept all my doors open!”


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