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Adina Buzila

Adina Buzila was studying International Business in Romania, but always had a passion for hospitality.

Studying hospitality in Europe was very expensive, so when she saw Melbourne Polytechnic offered an affordable Bachelor of Hospitality Management course she jumped at the chance. Now she has the experience to return home and begin her hospitality career.

Adina Buzila moved halfway across the world to study Hospitality at Melbourne Polytechnic.

In 2009 Adina Buzila arrived in Australia from Romania to study the Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Hospitality Management. Now she is reluctant to leave. "It's been absolutely amazing. I love this country more than I love my own. The people here are so nice – because of the people I want to stay."

She began studying International Business back in Romania but decided it wasn't really something she wanted to do. "I always had a passion for hospitality, ever since I was really little, so I decided to study that."

"In Romania we didn't have a school that taught hospitality and in Europe it was extremely expensive, so I did some research and I found in Australia they have a lot of schools that teach hospitality. I Googled it Melbourne Polytechnic was the first result that popped up and I thought, ‘That's it, I'm going to do it there'."

Now at the end of the three year course, Adina says she has enjoyed her time at Melbourne Polytechnic. "It was a lovely experience. I would do it all over again if I could."

"There's a lot of emphasis on the practical things rather than just the theory. We had a lot of practical subjects like Food and Beverage Management, where we actually worked in a restaurant." The practical nature of the course was important to Adina, who says she cannot understand how some courses are completely theoretical. "If you're doing a course in hospitality, of course you're dealing with customers. It's nice to know how you're supposed to approach them and how you deal with complaints. You can't do that if you just read a book."

During her studies, Adina gained experience working at the Cafeteria at the Melbourne Polytechnic Collingwood Campus and at St Georges Restaurant at the Preston Campus.

When she began the course Adina wanted to work in the front office or reception of a hotel, but her time working in restaurants in Australia has shifted her focus. "Now I'm thinking I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I enjoy being in a restaurant." Her ideal role would be a restaurant manager, "dealing with customers, controlling the staff and making sure everything goes smoothly".

"For me it's about trying to make a connection between the staff and customers."

Adina will return to Romania and try to find a job in hospitality, but she wishes the industry was similar to Australia's. "They don't really have the same culture of hospitality in Romania and maybe that can be changed. I'm sure I can't change it on my own but I can try."

Adina's advice to other students is to choose a course that interests them. "You really have to have a passion for it. I think that's why I enjoyed it, because I like hospitality so much and I know it's what I'm going to do for the rest of my life."


Bachelor of Hospitality Management