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Abdelnour Nour Saade

After arriving from Lebanon six years ago, Melbourne Polytechnic graduate Abdelnour Saade enrolled at Melbourne Polytechnic to study financial services on the advice of a friend.

After progressing through the Certificate and Advanced Diploma courses, Abdelnour graduated from Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor program and is about to embark on a career in chartered accounting.

When Abdelnour Saade arrived in Australia six years ago, he found a job at a local restaurant in Hawthorn. But having studied business in his native Lebanon, he was keen to continue his studies. A co-worker’s son recommended Melbourne Polytechnic and Abdelnour enrolled part-time in the Certificate III in Financial Services (Accounts Clerical). Although he wanted to do a degree, he didn’t know much about Australian university programs. “I was told there would be more interaction with the teachers at TAFE, and the course would give me a good basic knowledge in accounting.”

Five years later, in 2010, Abdelnour graduated from Melbourne Polytechnic’s new Bachelor of Accounting program, after completing both the Advanced Diploma of Accounting and Associate Degree in Accounting. Now he’s preparing to become a Chartered Accountant when he finds a job. “After that I might do something in the finance consulting field or sustainability because I really enjoyed that aspect of the course.” Melbourne Polytechnic is one of few institutes offering the sustainability stream as part of the bachelor degree. “After I completed the associate degree, I had the option to go to Latrobe University. But Melbourne Polytechnic introduced the new bachelor degree and I thought the sustainability subjects looked interesting. I care about the environment and it’s a great idea to include this in the degree because it’s hard for accountants to put a price on something so intangible. Through the course I’ve learnt that if you do sustainable auditing you can cost for it and find ways to financially benefit the company by being environmentally friendly.”

Attending classes at TAFE also helped Abdelnour settle into Australian life. “You get to find out more about Australia and it helps you to adapt. I was interacting with locals all the time.” The best thing about studying at TAFE was the quality of the teaching and the smaller classes. “During my time at NMIT I had really good teachers and that continued through the associate degree and the bachelor. When I started the Certificate III, I really had no idea what accounting was. Now I can go through an annual report. My knowledge has advanced so much.”

According to the 26-year-old Delahey resident, accountancy is far from boring. “I create ways to make it interesting for myself. I like the factuality of accounting. Nothing is made up. You have to go through the numbers to get the result you need.”


Bachelor of Accounting