History of the Koorie Services Centre


The establishment of the Koorie Service Centre (KSC) in the late 1970s resulted from a group of local Aboriginal community members coming together who were undertaking training as Aboriginal Welfare Assistants in a range of area’s such as Community Services Victoria Regional offices, Family Group Homes and Youth Services.

The certificate qualification they were studying would later become the Advanced Diploma of Aboriginal Welfare Studies. The Advance Diploma course was one of the first accredited courses in Victoria to be managed and delivered by Aboriginal people within a mainstream setting.

For in excess of 24 years the KSC and the local Aboriginal community’s affiliation has been solidified by the Wurreker strategy which is a partnership agreement between the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI) & The Victorian Government to improve greater education outcomes for Aboriginal TAFE students.

The KSC and Melbourne Polytechnic's senior management developed a strong partnership in order to create a safe learning environment; validation of cultural specific course content and leadership of Aboriginal staff & community in setting educational directions. This centre’s staff & community members developed over 10 accredited courses that were Aboriginal specific and soon became a community hub to all Aboriginal people Australia wide.

By 2009 the KSC offered 4 courses. Due to the changing expectations of enrolling students and evidence confirming that Aboriginal people were enrolling in other course areas within NMIT, this resulted in the KSC transferring from a teaching to a student support unit.

By offering further course options Aboriginal student numbers and course completions have increased and in addition there are greater job outcomes.

By 2011 the KSC acclimatized its support services to become a specialised area to assist Aboriginal students, community members and other staff of Melbourne Polytechnic. The centre is still a community hub for both Aboriginal & non-Aboriginal people.

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