Koorie Services Centre


The Koorie Services Centre encourages and supports our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students – if you need course advice, cultural support and information we are here to help.

We provide cross-cultural training, advice on cultural matters and can act as a delegate for staff, students and Aboriginal community organisations.

Our services include:

  • Computer use for coursework
  • Course advice and enrolment information
  • Connections with Aboriginal, local community and events
  • Cultural support
  • Culturally sensitive teaching programs
  • Study grant options and discounted tuition 

Discounted Fees

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples eligible for Government funding for their course will receive an 80% discount on the tuition fee. This applies regardless of whether you hold a health care card or not. Melbourne Polytechnic will continue to waive the Materials fee and Student Amenities fee for your course.

The Indigenous student discount for tuition fees as well as the waiving of the amount for Materials and Student Amenities fee will be applied automatically when you are processing your re-enrolment. (You don’t need to apply at the Koorie Services Centre for discounted fees.)

We are committed to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, supporting our friends for the past 30 years and will continue to do so for future years. We believe in an inclusive learning environment and opportunities for all.

Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for Aboriginal Study Allowance  (Abstudy).

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