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Course Delivery and Assessment Methods


Melbourne Polytechnic courses and assessments are based on our academic year.  The academic year is divided into 2 study periods, Semester 1 and Semester 2 with exam weeks and school vacations in between.

Academic Year

Courses will usually commence in February each year or July for courses available midyear.  Please refer to Melbourne Polytechnic's Calendars below for more details.

Melbourne Polytechnic VET Calendar (for Certificates and Diplomas)

Melbourne Polytechnic Higher Education Calendar (for Degrees)

Course Delivery  

Melbourne Polytechnic courses are delivered using a variety of different learning methods. Some courses are delivered with a combination of these methods.

Common methods of course delivery are:

  • classroom delivery
  • practical exercises and demonstrations
  • small or large group discussions
  • lectures
  • audio or visual presentations
  • case study analysis
  • research and project based learning
  • supervised work placements
  • computer based and e-learning
  • self-directed and self-paced learning


You will be assessed using a combination of formative, summative and authentic assessments.

Common types of assessments are:

  • class work and classroom testing
  • practical demonstrations
  • individual or group assignments
  • individual or group presentations
  • examinations and theory tests
  • reports and essays
  • research projects
  • role plays
  • folio work, exhibitions and performances
  • work placement assessments
  • direct observation

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