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Melbourne Polytechnic has global partnerships to offer certificates, diplomas, associate degrees and bachelor degrees in other countries such as China, Hong Kong and Korea. These courses create excellent opportunities for students to continue their studies in Australia.

Melbourne Polytechnic is one of Victoria’s largest providers of vocational education and training. We offer a diverse range of around 360 government-accredited courses. We have programs running in other countries such as China, Hong Kong and Korea, and are in discussion with other institutions within the Australasian region. We hope to roll out Australian training to meet the high demands for work-ready graduates.

Our programs in China began back in 1995. We maintain our well-established links with training institutions in key industries in our region. We have big plans for these programs, including establishing links with tertiary institutions beyond the Australasian region.

Study areas include:

  • Accounting
  • Building
  • English
  • Event management
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • Information technology
  • International trade
  • Marketing and communications

International partners include:


  • Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Guandong Lingnan Institute of Technology
  • Huanggang Polytechnic College
  • Hangzhou Polytechnic College
  • Insurance Professional College
  • Sichuan College of Architectural Technology
  • Shanghai I & C Foreign Language College
  • Shandong Management University
  • Wuhan Tourism School
  • Xi’an Polytechnic University

Hong Kong

  • Universal College of Higher Education


  • Gyeongbuk Domestic Science High School
  • Gyeongbuk Mechanical High School
  • Shin Ansan University

Development Projects

  • Indonesia – Teacher Upskilling
  • Pakistan – Teacher Training
  • Thailand – OVEC English Development

For more information on partnerships with Melbourne Polytechnic e-mail us at ua.ud1573786551e.cin1573786551hcety1573786551lopen1573786551ruobl1573786551em@la1573786551noita1573786551nretn1573786551i1573786551

Study in Australia

If you successfully complete a certificate, diploma or degree course offshore, you can apply to continue your studies in Australia. You could gain credit to either Melbourne Polytechnic or our partner universities.

Articulation pathways are in place for all offshore programs to pathway into courses at Melbourne Polytechnic (provided English requirements are met).

Scholarships are also available for high achieving graduates of Melbourne Polytechnic offshore programs.

Study tours in Melbourne

Melbourne Polytechnic welcomes study tours by groups of students from overseas institutions. Groups generally come for 1 to 5 weeks and undertake a variety of activities including: English classes, guest speakers, demonstration classes, skills training, local tours. The specific program will be designed to meet the needs of the group. Participants will get recognition of completion of the program.

For more information on study tours e-mail: ua.ud1573786551e.cin1573786551hcety1573786551lopen1573786551ruobl1573786551em@la1573786551noita1573786551nretn1573786551i1573786551

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