International Students

Student Visas


Information about student visas can be obtained from the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs at

While on a student visa, it is your responsibility to uphold your visa conditions. For information about your student visa conditions, please contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) or refer to the information provided by DIAC at the time of your visa grant.

Student visa requirements include:

  • you must satisfy course requirements by remaining enrolled in a CRICOS registered course and maintaining satisfactory course progress requirements
  • you must maintain adequate Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) during your stay in Australia
  • you must notify your education provider of any change in your residential address within seven days of the change
  • you can work in paid employment for no more than 40 hours a fortnight provided that work does not interfere with your studies (there are no limitations to working during recognised holiday periods)


Generally, family members who intend to accompany you to Australia may be included in your application for a student visa and can be processed for visa entry at the same time. They must undergo a medical examination and hold health insurance, amongst other things. If your family members decide to come to Australia after you have arrived, they will have to apply for a visa separately. They may also require you to nominate them for entry.

Where you have school age dependants who will accompany you to Australia, you must make adequate arrangements for their education whilst here and school fees may be incurred.

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