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There are many costs to consider when living in another city such as; accommodation, food, transport, clothing, entertainment, books and other incidental costs.

Establishing your home away from home 

The cost of living in Melbourne can vary depending on your lifestyle. Please note the costs listed below are a guide only. 

On top of your tuition fees and airfares, it is recommended that you budget for living costs to total at least AU$19,830 per year (approximately $380 per week), or at least AU$26,625 per year ($510 per week) if you have a partner or children coming to Australia with you.

While this is an average guide, it is important to remember that individual circumstances will vary by location, course and lifestyle.

Melbourne Polytechnic recommends that you have at least AU$2,500 on arrival in Melbourne to cover the cost of temporary accommodation, purchase extra clothing and initial set-up costs of permanent accommodation. These costs may include one month’s rent, one month’s rental bond, household goods, furniture, service connection fees, books, stationery and equipment.

Students must ensure their financial independence before coming to Australia. On a student visa, you may work in paid employment up to 40 hours a fortnight during the semester, provided that work does not interfere with your studies. During semester breaks, there is no restriction on the amount of hours that student visa holders can work.

Further information about living costs in Melbourne can be found at

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