International Students

Promoting Melbourne Polytechnic and Media


To assist you in promoting Melbourne Polytechnic, we have developed a range of marketing materials:

Student Testimonials 
Course Guides 

Melbourne Polytechnic Banner Artwork (PDF 6,598kb)
Melbourne Polytechnic Poster Artwork (PDF 5,843kb) International Student Arrival Guide 2015-2016 (PDF 12,378kb)

Ordering promotional materials

You can order Melbourne Polytechnic publications (Course Guides or Posters) from BPO Intelligence. If you do not have log-in details, or you require specific promotional materials, please contact the Projects Officer responsible for agent management, recruitment and marketing, who will organise the delivery of marketing materials on your behalf.  

Key Selling Points About Melbourne Polytechnic to Prospective Students

When counselling students and promoting Melbourne Polytechnic to prospective students, we have provided some key selling points for reference when marketing Melbourne Polytechnic:

  • certificate to bachelor degree (graduate and post-graduate) level of study
  • government owned and funded provider, professionally run and financially secure
  • a leading provider of vocational education and training with 7 campuses and 6 training centres
  • excellent campus facilities with leading-edge technology
  • qualifications are accredited nationally and recognised internationally
  • practical, industry-relevant training designed in consultation with industry
  • 300 nationally accredited courses with over 120 offered to international students
  • student diversity, with international students coming from over 70 different countries

Melbourne Polytechnic’s campuses, Training Facilities and Public Transport

To assist you and your staff to be acquainted with Melbourne Polytechnic’s various campuses and training facilities, please visit campuses. This website includes campus maps and public transport information to provide to your clients.

Please note, all Melbourne Polytechnic courses are not available at every campus and special care must be taken when counselling students and prior to acceptance to eliminate unnecessary confusion and disappointment.


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