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Education Agents and Representatives

Education Agents and Representatives

We provide our Melbourne Polytechnic authorised Education Agents and Representatives with all the resources required to assist students in making the right decisions for their future careers.

We simplify your job by providing you with all the necessary resources in one place.

Here you will find information about ways to promote Melbourne Polytechnic, the application process, key selling points for prospective students and the latest news you need to know. You can also find out more about us, and your responsibilities as an authorised agency of Melbourne Polytechnic.

Our Projects Officer for Agents, Recruitment and Marketing is Damian Stawiszynski. He can be contacted directly at ua.ud1542083600e.cin1542083600hcety1542083600lopen1542083600ruobl1542083600em@la1542083600noita1542083600nretn1542083600i1542083600 for agent-related matters or further guidance.

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