Why Melbourne Polytechnic?


Having well trained, skilled and knowledgeable workers is directly related to your organisation’s success.

Partner with Melbourne Polytechnic, see your business grow

Investment in staff development has many benefits for your business:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved levels of customer service
  • Better staff morale (less absenteeism and lower staff turnover mean lower recruitment costs)
  • Maximised profits and outcomes
  • Melbourne Polytechnic Training directly benefits your business

Industry recognised courses

Melbourne Polytechnic has been providing education to individuals and organisations in qualifications that industry recognise. The qualifications demonstrate an achievement to the desired level of competence issued by the Institute. 

Training for your whole team

We alleviate the stress of your team training by creating an environment suited to each member where progress can be easily tracked. Our industry qualified professional trainers work with you to tailor a flexible training delivery package to suit the needs of your environment.

The specific skills and knowledge being delivered will not be the only essential outcome for your enterprise. Training can help in improve morale, performance and encourage better cohesion of your workforce to become an asset that sets you apart from your competition. 

Customised training

Melbourne Polytechnic makes training more adaptable to your needs. We fully understand the priority for organisations to have staff development that fits in with your business needs as well as your team’s and individual’s requirements.

Why chose Melbourne Polytechnic

  • Qualified industry experienced staff using the latest technologies and methodologies
  • Training tailored to your requirements for small or large groups
  • Courses and assessments held in your work environment or at a site that suits your business need
  • Competitive costing
  • Excellent specialised training facilities

Further Information

Business Activity Unit and OH&S enquiries

Brian Parr
Phone: 03 9269 8910

Horticulture enquiries

James Farmer
Phone: 03 9269 8830

Agriculture enquiries

Phil Tripp
Phone: 03 9269 8926

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