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Water – Efficiency


Australia is the second driest continent on the planet (behind Antarctica), yet Australians use more water per person than any other country.

Australian buildings use a small proportion of our national usage of water (agriculture and industry is far greater). The supply and quality of mains water to our cities has significant ramifications in terms of cost, energy consumption and availability of catchment resources.

At present, water is delivered to your door and the waste taken away for about $1.50 per 1000 Litres. In contrast, petrol is $1.50 per 1 Litre and you have to go and get it.

Product Cost per litre Availability Can you live without
Water $0.0015 Direct to home No
Petrol $1.50 Shop Yes – difficult
Milk $2.50 Shop Yes

As such, most water saving technologies are not economical given the high capital cost and very low rate of return for the savings. Despite the fact that technologies and pricing regimes do not currently provide financially viable returns on investment for water conservation initiatives, Australians need to do everything they can to save water. 

Facilities like the NMIT Green Skills Centre of Excellence building are also doing everything possible to save as much water as possible and also leading the drive towards educating in sustainable practices.

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