Melbourne Polytechnic Green Skills Centre

Community Learning with Technology


The whole purpose of this facility is to educate the next generation in sustainable or green technology. Below here you can see the evidence of a learning environment, where the students are learning not only how to install and maintain “green” technology, but also how to do it in a sustainable way.

This means it is installed correctly, with the minimum of materials, and in a way that it will operate and last for a long time – yes, durable. Hopefully they will learn the difference between quality products and cheap replicas, and how to advise the clients or their employers how their products or operations could be improved.

But equally important is what you take away from this experience. Sustainability is not just about energy and water, it is not about a new facility that teaches more efficient technology. Sustainability is a message about how we need to change the way we live, for the benefit of the future generations.

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