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Building Passive Design


Passive design is a design technique that harnesses the properties of the building to maintain comfortable indoor conditions, rather than relying on active (energy using) intervention.

Passive design should always be priority number one to achieve a “low-energy” building, and should always be favoured over more ‘engineered’ solutions, such as complex HVAC or lighting systems. As passive design elements remain throughout the life of the building, they will remain in place even as the use or systems change.

Passive design is different for different building types and locations. The best design for Queensland will not work well in Victoria. Likewise the best design for a house is different to that of a school. The Green Skills Centre of Excellence building is specifically designed and computer optimized to control a range of factors (listed below). This means that the building responds to the outside weather for its indoor conditions, before energy is required for heating, cooling and ventilation.

As well as using less energy, passive design buildings are also more comfortable for the occupants.

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