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Congratulations on your achievement!           

Now that you have successfully completed your Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree qualification, you're eligible to attend Melbourne Polytechnic's annual graduation ceremony.

The Ceremony allows you to acknowledge your success and celebrate your achievements with your family and friends. Guest passes can be purchased when you RSVP.

Applying to graduate

On the Application form for Testamur – Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate degree or Bachelor degree form you will be asked if you want to attend the graduation ceremony. The Ceremony is held each year in May.

Important Information:

If you are graduating with a certificate course, you cannot attend the Graduation Ceremony. You will receive your graduation certificate in the mail. Please check with student services that we have your correct postal address on record. If you need to update your current address or any other details, please use the Amend Personal Details form.

Return the completed form to the Melbourne Polytechnic Awards Officer (details on the form) before February. If you have not qualified for graduation, your department will contact you and let you know.

Your invitation to the Graduation ceremony

If you are eligible to graduate you will receive your invitation in April, so please ensure your address is correct.

Let us know you’re coming.

Once you receive your invitation, please RSVP immediately. There will be instructions on the invitation for RSVP procedures, please follow them closely.

If you let us know you are attending, you will receive a Graduation Information Pack. This includes information about the evening such as the venue details, parking, photographers and the ceremony program.

Please note that if you fail to RSVP by the date stated in your invitation, you cannot attend the ceremony. There is a fee associated with attending the Graduation Ceremony which includes hire of your academic robes. Payments to attend the Graduation Ceremony are non-refundable, and if you can't make the ceremony you'll need to advise the Awards Officer: ua.ud1484741088e.cin1484741088hcety1484741088lopen1484741088ruobl1484741088em@sd1484741088rawa1484741088. Your certificate will be forwarded to you after the ceremony.

At the ceremony

The ceremony takes approximately two hours. You will need to arrive early to register and pick up your graduation gown. All these details will be in the Information Pack.

Professional photographers will be available on the night and are not included in the graduation fee.

Academic dress

Your graduation fee includes the cost of hiring a black graduation gown or coloured hood/stole. As this event is an official occasion, it is recommended you dress in 'smart casual' attire with suitable footwear (no jeans, runners, sandals or thongs).

Please arrive early to avoid delays – if you fail to be gowned within the stated times, you will not be permitted to enter the ceremony.

Email ua.ud1484741088e.cin1484741088hcety1484741088lopen1484741088ruobl1484741088em@sd1484741088rawa1484741088 and advise the Awards Officer you are withdrawing your attendance. Your certificate will be forwarded to you after the ceremony.

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