Personalised for LOCAL students.
Local student means; you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.
Personalised for INTERNATIONAL students.
International student means; you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.


An apprenticeship is an excellent pathway to an industry career – ready to move?

How to begin your apprenticeship

Start by finding an apprenticeship with a willing employer; you can increase your chances of securing employment by completing a pre-apprenticeship course with us.

Your employer will then register you with an approved Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider (AASN). An AASN representative will organise a training contract between you and your employer.

AASN will register your training contract on the apprenticeship database (called DELTA) and you will be allocated a unique DELTA number – this step may take up to 4 weeks.

Once we have received your DELTA number, your Melbourne Polytechnic Apprentice Coordinator will discuss your training program and responsibilities with you and your employer and organise for you to commence training as soon as possible.

Contact Melbourne Polytechnic’s Trade and Traineeship Support Unit (TSU)


If you need support navigating how to start your apprenticeship, we have dedicated support staff that can assist you.

Melbourne Polytechnic is a leader in industry training

We have long-standing relationships with relevant industry sectors and employer groups, along with excellent facilities and infrastructure to maximise your learning experience.

Our facilities include:

  • commercial production kitchens
  • computer laboratories
  • electrical workshop
  • engineering and fabrication plants
  • broadacre working farm
  • fully equipped jewellery workshops
  • fully operational nursery
  • hairdressing training studios and salons
  • locksmithing workshop
  • manufacturing facilities
  • meat/fish processing plant
  • St Georges Restaurant (seats 80)
  • vineyards/wineries
  • stud farm
  • building and construction facilities for full-scale projects
  • Green Skills/Sustainability Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be an apprentice you must be 15 years of age or older. Mature Age students can start apprenticeships and should ask about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


You must have a job with an employer or Group Training Company before starting an Australian apprenticeship or traineeship. To search for a job, you can contact employers directly, refer to the employment section of newspapers, visit Centrelink, register with employment agencies or use personal contacts. The Australian Apprenticeships website and the Victorian Department of Education and Training are also good sources of information.


Typically, you spend 4 days a week working with your employer and 1 day a week studying theory at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Some employers agree to ‘Block Release’, which is 1 or 2 weeks of intensive study at Melbourne Polytechnic. Depending on the training plan, you may attend 4 to 8 blocks of classes per year. This needs to be agreed to by your employer, and then discussed with your Melbourne Polytechnic department to see if it is possible.

Most apprenticeships take four years but they are now based on competencies learned, rather than just time served, which means the faster you learn, the quicker you gain your qualification. Doing a 13-week pre-apprenticeship course can also help reduce the time of an apprenticeship.

Traineeships usually take two years to complete.

There are a number of financial support resources available, including scholarships. You may be eligible for a Living Away from Home Allowance and a Health Care Card. Apprenticeship Support Officers will also assist in resourcing you.

The Australian Apprenticeships financial-information and Centrelink websites are good sources for this information.

You may also be eligible for the trade apprentice car registration discount. You can get 50% off your car registration and Transport Accident Charge renewal fee. For more information, visit the VicRoads website

You might be eligible for a Trades Support Loan

If you are an Australian apprentice, then you could be eligible for a Trade Support Loan.

Useful Links and Information 

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Trade and Traineeship Support Unit (TSU)
The TSU is a central point of contact for Employers and Apprentices/ Trainees, Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks (AASN’s), Apprenticeship Support Officers (ASO), Group Training Organisations (GTO’s) and other Government bodies.

Australian Apprenticeships
Official Australian Government website on Australian apprenticeships and traineeships.

Department of Education, Skills and Employment
"The Department of Education, Skills and Employment contributes to Australia's economic prosperity and social wellbeing by creating opportunities and driving better outcomes for people, through education, skills and employment pathways."

Department of Education And Training (Victoria)
The Department of Education and Training (Victoria) provides strategic advice and analysis of Victoria’s skill needs, and acts as the system managers for the vocational education and training sector. This site also contains information for apprentices and employers, and about Competency Based Completion arrangements.

E-Oz Energy Skills Australia
E-Oz Energy Skills Australia is the industry’s declared Industry Skills Council for the energy sectors.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV)
Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is the independent technical regulator responsible for electricity, gas and pipeline safety in Victoria. ESV also licence and register electricians, and issue and audit Certificates of Electrical Safety, which is your guarantee that electrical work has been performed by a qualified electrician

Fairwork Ombudsman

  • wages, benefits, allowances and subsidies
  • award requirements such as “who pays for the training?”
  • employment conditions

National Apprentice Employment Network
The National Apprentice Employment Network (NAEN) is the national association representing group training organisations (GTOs), Australia’s largest employer network of apprentices and trainees.

Trades Recognition Australia (TRA)
Trades Recognition Australia is for overseas qualified professionals who wish to practice in Australia. It also has very useful information regarding working in Australia and visas.

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
The VRQA is responsible for the regulation of apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria. Details for contacting Victorian Apprenticeship Field Services (VAFS) can be found here.

Trade Papers
Trade Papers are a certificate awarded when you complete an apprenticeship and will be reintroduced in Victoria from 2019. You can apply to get trade papers if you have completed your apprenticeship in the past five years.

Half-price Car Rego for Apprentices
If you’re eligible for the trade apprentice discount you can get 50% off your car registration and Transport Accident Charge renewal fee. The discount applies to all apprentices who are registered as a Victorian apprentice holding a current Victorian driver licence (not a learner permit), use their own car, ute or van for approved work purposes, or regularly use it to get to or from work between 8.30pm and 5.30am. The vehicle cannot exceed 4.5 tonnes (GVM)

Trade Support Loans
Trade support loans are paid in instalments totalling up to $20,000 over the life of an Australian apprenticeship. These loans are intended to assist apprentices with everyday costs while they complete their apprenticeship.

Australian Apprenticeship Pathways
The Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website is an Australia wide information hub, providing information for people considering career options, employers looking at recruitment and those offering support and advice

Apprenticeship Employment Network
The Apprenticeship Employment Network website is an out-of-trade register that provides an opportunity for unemployed apprentices or trainees to post their resume and apply for jobs online, as well as for employers to advertise apprenticeship or traineeships vacancies.

Apprenticeship Support Officers

Apprenticeship Support Officers give guidance to all apprentices aged 15 to 24 in the first year of their apprenticeship. They offer advice on personal and workplace issues.

Skills and Jobs Centres
Skills and Jobs Centres are useful when you are looking to enter the workforce, start training, re-skill, or for employers to meet their workforce needs.