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Shaun Boyd

Shaun Boyd has considerable national and international experience with setting up and using technology systems to provide efficiencies and flexibility for teaching and learning.

As a former teacher, Shaun brought principles of good teaching and learning to the development and management to fully online learning environments. He has been working with the Melbourne Polytechnic's Higher Education Office as the Education Technology Administrator for over 12 months, and assisting in managing of the newly formed VETeL (VET e-Learning) Group.

Shaun’s goal is in the provision of high level technical and administrative support for the institutional Educational Technologies to a variety of stakeholders across the institutes teaching communities to ensure efficient workflow and delivery of prompt, quality service.

His more specific interests lie in the bridging of computer science with the sociology of learning through the use of learning analytics and educational data mining to better understand the students and the technology environments in which they learn.

Finally his interests outside of the daily working environment revolve around subjects beginning with “b”: bass, bicycling, bonsai, books, brewing, bushwalking along with the upside-down “b”: photography. 

Job Title

Manager - Education Technology


Higher Education Office