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Andrew Christie

Andrew is a lecturer in the Bachelor of Agriculture & Technology degree at Melbourne Polytechnic. He has a marine biology and ecology background, and is President of Marine Care Point Cooke, a group concerned with the conservation of Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary in Melbourne’s west. Andrew’s ongoing involvement with Melbourne Polytechnic’s Aquaculture Training and Applied Research Centre has meant that he has a wealth of experience and a treasure trove of materials that make for stimulating learning materialsA keen underwater photographer, Andrew is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to capture stills and video footage of various natural phenomena, and takes pride in being able to bring this into the classroom.  

Andrew has been working at Melbourne Polytechnic since 2001 in the Aquaculture Training and Applied Research Centre. Being able to teach theory is one thing, but Andrew believes that when it comes to skills development, there is absolutely no substitute for practical, hands-on training. Being able to discuss and relate an experience to students and then show them and engage them with Melbourne Polytechnic’s training facilities makes for fascinating and stimulating experiences. Andrew knows that aquaculture is a growth industry with numerous job opportunities, and to be able to see students graduate and then land fantastic jobs in the industry is something that he is keen to continue well into the future. Being able to maintain relationships with students long after they have left Melbourne Polytechnic is a highlight of a teaching career spanning almost two decades.  

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science (Aquatic Science) with Honours from Deakin University and is currently undertaking a Master of Science in Ecotoxicology from RMIT University. He has developed and maintained extensive industry and community engagement links, and as a result takes considerable pride in ensuring that his teaching is current and relevant.