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Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Melbourne Polytechnic's Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025 provides us with a clear focus for our priorities and efforts over the next five years to realise our environmental sustainability vision.

To be known as an Institute that practices environmental sustainability, empowering our students and staff to change the way we think, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

As the world and the industries we work with change, we will adapt and lead change to positively impact our local communities and global environment through sustainable practices. Melbourne Polytechnic has a key role in preparing our students to thrive in a rapidly changing world where industries are transforming in response to climate change.

Our core themes for environmental sustainability

Environmental Strategy Initiatives

Environmental Sustainability at Melbourne Polytechnic

Melbourne Polytechnic's Green Skills Centre gives students an environment to learn sustainable practices and technologies in manufacturing, construction, training, retail, installation, repair and maintenance.

Our Green Skills Centre has achieved a 5-star rating under the Green Building Council of Australia's Green Star sustainability rating system, marking the facility as "Australian Excellence" in sustainable design. Read more here.

Melbourne Polytechnic measures the volume and profile of waste and recycling generated and collected from each of our campuses and training centres. Sustainable Resource visits each site and undertakes an audit of the waste and recycling streams. This information is then used to identify opportunities to reduce waste, divert waste for recycling, or manage collections in a cost-efficient manner.

Melbourne Polytechnic has one of the best internal recycling and waste systems of any tertiary facility in Victoria. It also has engaged a progressive and reputable waste collection contractor who should be willing to work with Melbourne Polytechnic on system improvements.*

 *Waste and Recycling Use Audit 2019

Melbourne Polytechnic has commenced work on a robust food organics program for our commercial kitchen areas.

The infrastructure to be implemented typically looks at waste streams from kitchen, including landfill, recyclables and food waste. Clear signage has been implemented in kitchens, and professional development is due to commence for staff. Students will have a food organics module added to their induction.

More news on the food organics initiative to follow.