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Peter Mcilwain

Peter Mcilwain is a composer specialising in computer and electro-acoustic music but has a wide range of musical and artistic interests.

These include writing works for traditional ensembles, film and music theatre as well as computer music and installation art.

Recent projects have included the development of the Nodal software program at the Centre for Electronic Media Art or CEMA which won a 2012 Eureka Science Prize for Computer Science. He was Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology in the School of Music – Conservatorium at Monash University where he directed the Sonic Art Group. He has also been President of the Australasian Computer Music Association or ACMA. He is currently an Adjunct Research Fellow at CEMA and working as a freelance composer and teacher at Melbourne Polytechnic and Box Hill Institute.

Recent commissions include:

  • Imaginary Ornithology, a networked sound installation for the Burrinja Gallery in Upway, Australia.
  • Codeform, in conjunction with Jon McCormack, a large scale computer generated audio-visual work for the Deep Space theatre in Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.
  • Fly Circuit, a research based composition for Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborg University, Sweden.


  • * First Class Honours Degree of the Bachelor of Music in Composition at the University of Adelaide.
  • * Masters degree in Music Composition (by research) at the University of Adelaide.


"I cannot speak highly enough of the calibre of Peter's instruction, performance, research, and compositional career. He was and is an important influence on my own professional growth as my advisor during my time at Monash."
Professor Patrick Liddell (former student).

"Peter is an excellent teacher and mentor and his knowledge in electronic music composition as well as conventional music composition is amazing."
Vincent Giles (former student).

Listen to the music clips below:

Nodal Rain from Peter Mcilwain on Vimeo.

Eyes On Earth from Peter Mcilwain on Vimeo.

Oboe Additive from Peter Mcilwain on Vimeo.

BirdspeakerForest from Peter Mcilwain on Vimeo.

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