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Mal Ioannou

My name is Mal Ioannou and I am a full-time Teacher in the Engineering Department, at Melbourne Polytechnic.

I teach in the Electrotechnology and Telecommunications trades areas. My Personal Profile includes:

* Certificate of Technology – Electronics – RMIT – Specialising in Telecommunications.

* Open Cabling Registration with Endorsements for Underground, Aerial, Optical Fibre, Structured and Coaxial Cabling.

* Private Security Individual Registration – Security Advisor and Security Equipment Installer.

* TITAB registered Cabling Assessor of Competency Standards.

* 30 years’ Experience in the Telecommunications Industry:

20 Years with Telecom Australia/Telstra: Business Systems Installation – Melbourne CBD.

10 Years Running my own business providing Installation and Consultancy services to Commercial clients in the areas of Telecommunications Cabling, Security Alarm Systems, CCTV, Data Networks and Telephone Systems – Commander etc.

* I have been an On-going teacher at Melbourne Polytechnic (NMIT) for almost 8 years. I teach within the following Courses: Cert.II Electrotechnology Pre-vocational (Pre-app), Cert. II Data and Voice Communications, Cert. II Telecommunications Cabling and Cert. III Electrotechnology – Electrician, along with the Fee for Service Telecommunications Cabling Endorsements: Open Cabling License, Optical Fibre and Structured (Cat5, 6 and 7) cabling.

* I enjoy teaching students at all levels from young apprentices to mature age students. I like to see students succeed in their courses and I enjoy providing feedback and Encouragement.

* I like to keep up with technological changes and I look forward to the prospect of teaching Integrated Technologies to our students in the near future, with a focus on sustainable career pathways, which are driven by the Integrated Technologies Industry.

* I like to apply continuous improvement processes to teaching and learning and to continue to improve my skills and knowledge.

* My interests include travel within Australia and overseas and Taekwondo for discipline and Fitness.

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