Our Staff

Karenne Rees

Having completed NMIT's Diploma of Applied Photography in 1998, Karenne took up the role of photomedia technician at the Epping campus a couple of years later.

Since then Karenne works at both Preston and Epping campuses as a genralist Visual Arts Technical Officer.

Karenne also maintains a lively photomedia based practice. Based in Footscray, she is an active member of the Effemmera studios, and before that was with the Mream artist group in Maribyrnong.

She has participated in many community based exhibitions, often focusing on the history of the western suburbs. I the past three years, Karenne's natural exuberance and adventurous spirit is evident in all her work.

She shoots mostly film with holga and dianna cameras, but frequently experiments with alternative printing techniques such as cyanotype, llumen graphs, photograms, scanner-graphs. Her recent work also extends to sculptural reliefs constructed from a range of materials.

Job Title

Technical Officer


Visual Arts