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Greg Neville

Greg has been working in the area of fine art photomedia since the 1970s and brings a depth of experience to his role as a teacher.

He has taught at six public and private art institutions and is currently the course organiser of Photomedia in the Visual Arts Department at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Driven by a deep love of art, design, new media, ideas, travel and photography in particular, Greg has done it all. He has worked as an exhibiting artist, curator, broadcaster, newspaper critic, teacher, undertaken numerous study tours and in recent years has joined the ranks of the online world as a blogger.

His own art practise involves experimenting with various photomedia and filmic techniques to explore questions of identity and disintegration.

His qualifications include a Diploma of Art and Design, Prahran Institute of Technology, Diploma of Photography-Fine Art, Photofraphy Studies College and a Master of Fine Art (research) from the Faculty of Art & Design, Monash University.

Job Title

Course Organiser - Photomedia


Visual Arts