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Cheryl La Greca Markov

Cheryl La Greca Markov loves every second of her work as a Beauty Therapy teacher at Melbourne Polytechnic. She takes pride in keeping up-to-date with current industry trends by studying specialist courses and using her travels overseas to bring back inspiring new ideas to her students.

“I’m passionate about my students and I love to see them find their way in the industry. There is a high success rate of our students finding jobs, which means I also get to build more networks for my current students!”

Cheryl La Greca Markov has been teaching Beauty Therapy across all levels of Melbourne Ploytechnic courses and loves every moment of watching her students learn.

Cheryl teaches beauty therapy subjects in the Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma of Beauty courses, full-time at Melbourne Polytechnic.

“I normally teach one class in each Cert III, Cert IV, and Diploma,” says Cheryl.

She has a wide range of skills and knowledge in this rich and varied industry. Cheryl teaches everything from manicures, pedicures and makeup to body massage, spa therapy, hot stone and Indian head massage, with a range of other new services always on the horizon.

As a teacher, Cheryl is passionate and dynamic. She loves her job and sees her greatest reward in her students.

“I find it wonderful to watch the students start and then develop into really great therapists with their own ideas of where they want to be within the industry. That’s my reward for my hard work, watching them grow.”

Observing the changes that occur provides valuable insights into the changing role of a beauty practitioner.

“I also see my students change dramatically in their sense of team work and their ability to work closely with their peers.”

Cheryl often acts as an unofficial mentor and adviser to her students long after they’ve left Melbourne Polytechnic, which also benefits her current students.

“I keep in touch with my students once they’ve left and often act as a referee for their work. Sometimes they come back to find out what they should do now and it’s great to be able to offer suggestions within the industry or along another pathway.”

“It’s great to see them out there and it’s lovely to have contact with them because I can also then network with these students to get jobs for my current students!”

Cheryl recently taught in Korea for a week through our International Office.

“It was brilliant! I was able to bring a little of Melbourne Polytechnic to the Koreans in Daegu and the students cried when I left. It was also wonderful to develop a networking opportunity for current and future Melbourne Polytechnic staff and students.”

Working with a busy, close team of colleagues has made Cheryl’s past four years at Melbourne Polytechnic all the more richer and has in turn had a very positive impact on the students.

“We have such an amazing group of colleagues. I have a great coordinator, Claudia Zika, who is always ready to bend over backwards to help her staff and the students.”

With so many Beauty Therapy subjects and courses available to study at Melbourne Polytechnic, Cheryl finds herself often learning new techniques and discovering new trends.

“I often travel overseas to see what treatments they’re offering in spas and bring them back to Melbourne Polytechnic so that we have the most current teaching material.”

Cheryl is also studying a Diploma in Specialty Makeup so that she can then teach her students skills that address current industry trends. She has energy and passion on tap and is clearly thrilled to be teaching across Melbourne Polytechnic's Beauty Therapy courses.

 “Everything I do at Melbourne Polytechnic is a highlight, every new term and every new student!”

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Teacher: School of Beauty


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