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Andrew Gannon

Andrew is a guitarist and composer and has been teaching in TAFE for almost 20 years. He has at some point taught almost every music subject that has been offered.

Currently he is a Music Program Co-ordinator at Greensborough.

Andrew Gannon is an educator, guitarist and composer. For over 20 years he has worked in an eclectic mix of live performance with singer/songwriters, indie rock bands, function bands, original contemporary improvised music and festival street acts.

Andrew has been teaching in TAFE for almost 20 years, and at some point has taught almost every subject that has been offered. He has a strong interest in music technology and has explored the live use of Midi guitar using various additional controllers to shape the sound. A short film he composed for “the Soft One and the Hard One” was screened in the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Music from the Victorian College of the Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Education in Vocational Education and Training.

Job Title

Music Program Co-ordinator and Teacher


Performing Arts