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Lou Nunn

Lou is the Head of Program for the Bachelor of Equine Studies at Melbourne Polytechnic. She has years of experience in the equine industry having started her riding career as a toddler.  Lou has been involved in the industry as a pony club member, competitor (dressage, eventing and showing), stable hand and stud worker.  

The areas of most interest to Lou are equine grazing behaviour, reproduction,  equine pastures and collaborating with seed companies to determine the most appropriate species for grazing. Leading the winner of the Towong Cup and foaling down too many good racehorses to name pale into insignificance in comparison to helping young people on their journey into the career of their choice. The application of knowledge and skills through interaction with the horses has a profound effect on a students’ ability to retain what they’ve learned. 

Lou has worked at Melbourne Polytechnic since 2008. Being passionate about the horse as a magnificent athlete and having contacts in many different sectors of the equine industry, Lou is able to ensure students are exposed to industry contacts helping them start their own networks.  Students are able to practice and refine their equine skills, apply their knowledge in real life situations, as well as develop sound academic skills. For Lou, the key reward of teaching is watching a student know they can change the life of an animal for the better.  

Lou holds many qualifications, including Master of Management, a Bachelor of Equine Science, an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science (Farm Management), a Diploma of Applied Science (Equine Management), an Associate Diploma of Horse Management and a Diploma of Nursing. Lou began her academic journey in 1992, and has taught at TAFEs, the Victorian College of Agriculture and Horticulture and the University of Melbourne. Lou and her husband ran a successful commercial fine wool merino flock at their property in South West Victoria and continue to conduct an Agriculture Consultancy, specialising in dairy and equine property management. Lou has been recognised and awarded a Victorian Government's Rural Womens’ award.