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Lou Nunn

Louise Nunn's career at Melbourne Polytechnic has been diverse and dynamic since her start in 2008 as the Head of Program Equine Studies for the Bachelor of Equine Studies. She has adeptly handled multiple acting roles, including Head of School Food and Fibre; Head of Department Agriculture, Animal and Equine (VET & HE); Department Manager Business and Construction (HE), and Director of Higher Education.

In her current role as Education Transition and Support Coordinator, she leverages her extensive experience to mentor academic staff, facilitate student transitions, manage course teach-outs, and aid in policy and procedure development—a skill set refined since her nursing days.

Lou's professional expertise spans across Equine Reproduction, Equine Behaviour, and Pastures and Grazing Management. Her unpublished research collaborations with Dr. Andrew McLean and others touch on pivotal areas like equine/animal grazing, species-specific grazing for horses, equine behaviour, and the intricacies of equine reproduction, such as sperm longevity and motility.

Portrait of Lou Nunn smiling and working at a desk, wearing a shirt covered in a sophisticated looking pattern of circles.
Lou Nunn, Education Transition and Support Coordinator (Higher Education)

Lou's dedication to her field has been recognized with significant awards, including the Victorian Government, Rural Women's Bursary Award in 1998, underlining her commitment to equity, especially for women in rural sectors.

Lou's academic credentials are as impressive as her professional journey, with a Masters in Management, a Bachelor of Equine Science, an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science (Farm Management), a Diploma of Applied Science (Equine Management), an Associate Diploma of Horse Management, and a Diploma of Nursing. Her teaching career began in 1992, and she has since contributed significantly to agriculture and equine education at various prestigious institutions before joining Melbourne Polytechnic.

Beyond her administrative and leadership roles, Lou has made substantial contributions to teaching and developing the next generation of equine and agriculture professionals. Her approach to education, emphasising hands-on experience, real-life application, and the critical evaluation of research and science, has profoundly impacted students' lives and careers. Her method of using interactive tools and activities in teaching helps students deeply engage with the subject matter, ensuring a lasting understanding and passion for equine.

Alongside her professional and academic achievements, Lou and her husband have managed a successful commercial fine wool merino flock, reflecting her deep-rooted connection to and understanding of practical agricultural management. They continue to run an Agriculture Consultancy specialising in dairy and equine property management, further contributing to the industry's knowledge base and best practices.

Louise Nunn's career trajectory showcases a profound dedication to equine studies, agriculture, and education, marked by significant contributions to research, teaching, and leadership in these fields. Her work not only advances the sectors she is passionate about but also ensures a lasting impact on students, colleagues, and the broader community she serves.