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Kiriaki Hamilton

Kiriaki teaches Melbourne Polytechnic’s Business Administration courses including the Education, Legal and Medical streams. 

She has many years of experience in administration and understands the skills and demands of the industry. 

Kiriaki's experience as both a teacher and professional practitioner helps her to develop a dynamic classroom environment where students feel energised and encouraged in an atmosphere of positive validation. Kiriaki encourages students to share their own experiences which continues  learning for both teacher and student.  

Prior to teaching at Melbourne Polytechnic Kiriaki was a secondary school teacher and worked in administration for not-for-profit and corporate organisations. Kiriaki enrolled as a student at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2009 to upskill, completing the Diploma of Business Administration. This experience helped her understand the importance of a strong classroom dynamic and a positive relationship between teacher and student in the VET environment. As a result, Kiriaki implements a stronger level of positive direction and active methodology in the classroom. 

Kiriaki uses practical skills, teaching students how to design and compose documents in a clear and concise style, which delivers the necessary information to a variety of stakeholders.  In particular, students learn the appropriate administration skills that are required in contemporary education, medical and legal environments. Kiriaki is passionate about ensuring her students feel supported and are treated with respect, compassion and understanding.   

Kiriaki has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Legal studies. Kiriaki was one of the featured teachers in Melbourne Polytechnic’s 2018 marketing campaign. Kiriaki travelled to Indonesia in 2018 as part of a team of teachers and students establishing links between Melbourne Polytechnic and LP3I Polytechnic in Bandung, Jakarta and Medan.