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James Moore

I started at Melbourne City Council as an Electrical Fitter in 1979 when the Spencer street power station was still operational, and completed 10 years of service there.

During this time, I did night school to get an A grade license. My first job was as a P grade because I needed the practical experience with wiring to gain an A grade license. From memory, it took about 2 years – 1 as a B grade then another to get A. I eventually got a contractor’s license as well and spent approximately 5 years working as an employee, then the rest as a contractor, subcontractor, or labour hire. Working with DC power supplies for telephone exchanges and working in the powerhouse in the golden mile of the city were good experiences for me.

Teaching was a career choice I made early on in my working life, and now have about 5 years teaching experience. I don’t have a favourite subject but the one that can be satisfying is “Single and Multi-path”. Other subjects would be G103 and G104. Drawings/diagrams/ schedules.

My aspirations for the student experience are: For Pre Apprentices it should be different from formal schooling, and set them up for life even if they don’t pursue the trade. For the Apprentice, the experience should be initially a feeling of excitement and accomplishment (first year), slightly overwhelmed- realising the enormity of their requirements (second year), and finally a stoic belief and confidence in themselves as they approach licensing. For me it is rewarding to see people go through all these stages and emerge as someone I would employ.

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