An apprenticeship is an excellent pathway to an industry career – ready to move?

Follow these easy steps:                           

  1. Start by finding an apprenticeship with a willing employer; you can increase your chances of securing employment by completing a pre-apprenticeship course with us.
  2. Your employer will then register you with an approved Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC). An AAC representative will organise a training contract between you and your employer.
  3. AAC will register your training contract on the apprenticeship database (called DELTA) and you will be allocated a unique DELTA number – this step may take up to 4 weeks.
  4. Once we have received your DELTA number, your Melbourne Polytechnic Apprentice Coordinator will arrange for you to sign a Training Plan with your employer and Melbourne Polytechnic, and you can start your training as soon as possible.

Melbourne Polytechnic is a leader in industry training

We have long-standing relationships with relevant industry sectors and employer groups, along with excellent facilities and infrastructure to maximise your learning experience.

Our facilities include:

  • commercial production kitchens
  • computer laboratories
  • electrical workshop
  • engineering and fabrication plants
  • broadacre working farm
  • fully equipped jewellery workshops
  • fully operational nursery
  • hairdressing training studios and salons
  • locksmithing workshop
  • manufacturing facilities
  • meat/fish processing plant
  • St Georges Restaurant (seats 80)
  • vineyards/wineries
  • stud farm
  • building and construction facilities for full-scale projects
  • Green Skills/Sustainability Centre.

Important Information

To be an Australian apprentice you must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

 + How old do I have to be?

To be an apprentice you must be 15 years of age or older. Mature Age students can start apprenticeships and should ask about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

 + Do I need an employer before starting my apprenticeship?

You must have a job with an employer or Group Training Company before starting an Australian apprenticeship or traineeship. To search for a job, you can contact employers directly, refer to the employment section of newspapers, visit Centrelink, register with employment agencies or use personal contacts.

The Government Australian Apprenticeships website is also a good source of information.

 + How much time do I spend at work and at school?

Typically, you spend 4 days a week working with your employer and 1 day a week studying theory at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Some employers agree to ‘Block Release’, which is 1 or 2 weeks of intensive study at Melbourne Polytechnic. Depending on the training plan, you may attend 4 to 8 blocks of classes per year. This needs to be agreed to by your employer, and then discussed with your Melbourne Polytechnic department to see if it is possible.

 + How long will my apprenticeship take?

Most apprenticeships take four years but they are now based on competencies learned, rather than just time served, which means the faster you learn, the quicker you gain your qualification. Doing a 13-week pre-apprenticeship course can also help reduce the time of an apprenticeship.

Traineeships usually take two years to complete.

 + Is there any financial help for me?

There is a first-year apprentice financial incentive and a tools allowance. There are also scholarships for apprenticeships in Skill Shortage trades. You may be eligible for a Living Away from Home Allowance and a Health Care Card.

The Government Australian Apprenticeships or Centrelink websites are good sources for this information.

 + When I find an apprenticeship what do I do next?

Your boss will have to register you at an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC). The AAC will register you on the DELTA system and will help you and your boss organise all the agreements and training plan with Melbourne Polytechnic.

The AAC is the main body who will assist you during your apprenticeship with any issues you may have with employers, studying, finances, or work placement.

Once we have received your DELTA number, an Apprentice Coordinator from the appropriate Melbourne Polytechnic department will contact you to commence your training as soon as possible.

Further Information

Contact the Melbourne Polytechnic Course Enquiry Centre on 03 9269 8400

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