Application for Re-Credit of FEE HELP – Special Circumstances

Application for Re-credit of FEE-HELP - Special Circumstances

You may only apply for re-credit of a FEE-HELP debt if you withdraw from your unit/s of study after the census date or you have not completed the unit/s of study requirements. You cannot apply for a re-credit for a unit/s of study that you have successfully completed. Applications must be submitted within 12 months after the date of your request to withdraw.

Refer to the How to Apply for Re-Credit of FEE HELP Debt under Special Circumstances Instructions for further information and supporting documentation required under the Higher Education Support Act (HESA) 2003. Complete this form and attach supporting evidence.

Melbourne Polytechnic will respond to your application within 15 working days of receipt. Please note it may take longer where additional information may be required to assess your application.

Section A: Student Details

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Section B: Enrolment Details

Section C: Original Payment Method

Please tick the box/es with your payment method in the above mentioned course

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Receipt Number (if known)

Section D: Supporting Evidence

A personal statement which specifies how special circumstances were beyond your control and how it changed after the census date and prevented you from continuing with your studies

Documentation that supports your personal statement

Filesize limit: 2mb

Accepted format: PDF, doc or docx

Section E: Student Declaration

  • I have read the How to Apply for Re-Credit of FEE HELP Debt under Special Circumstances Instructions and have attached supporting documentation
  • I declare that the information provided in my application under special circumstances is accurate, correct and complete
  • I acknowledge that the withholding of relevant information may delay the assessment of my application.
  • I authorise Melbourne Polytechnic to verify evidence provided in support of this application

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