Fees and Charges


Tuition Fees

Your course fees for studying at Melbourne Polytechnic will be outlined in your Letter of Offer and also in the Acceptance Agreement that you must return with the initial payment when accepting your offer.

Please be aware that tuition fees do not include text books or course materials.  Other costs not covered by tuition fees include your health insurance and visa fees. Tuition fees are to be paid in full prior to commencement of each semester.

Melbourne Polytechnic's  International Office will send reminder letters outlining the fees payment schedule prior to the end of each semester for International students. Fees can be paid by electronic transfer, bank cheque or by credit card.

Fees should be made payable to: “Melbourne Polytechnic" and sent to

Melbourne Polytechnic International Office

77 St Georges Road, 

Preston VIC 3072


Skills Recognition fees and charges may be subject to change.

Higher Education

  • Credit Transfer (CRT) – No fees apply
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – No fees apply


Skills Recognition fees and charges are paid on top of the tuition fees.  International Student tuition fees can be reduced when Skills Recognition results in a shortening of the course duration by one semester or more for certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses.  For associate degree and bachelor courses, fees can be reduced on a per-subject basis.

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