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Local student means; you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.
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International student means; you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder.

Screen and Media Interview

This page provides general information regarding your interview for entry into Screen and Media at Melbourne Polytechnic.

If you are applying for the full time course and you are a Year 12 student, you should complete your VTAC application listing Melbourne Polytechnic  as a preference. If not, please do so by visiting

Applicants for the part time course do not need to apply through VTAC. Applications are made directly to the Program Coordinator of Screen and Media on 03 9269 1745.

You will have most likely received this document attached to your interview confirmation email. If not, and you have not yet booked an interview, please do so online at our booking system or by calling 03 9269 1745.


Interviews are allocated for approximately 20 minutes each, which is usually a sufficient time to present you best work and tell us how we can help you gain skills for the work you seek.

Interview Checklist:

When you attend your interview, please:

  • Bring evidence of existing skills; that is, examples of your work relevant to the course, such as video (DVD format preferred), photographs, graphics, storyboards, production documentation etc … Time is limited, so plan to present your best work ONLY, or showcase your editing skills by compiling a show reel including excerpts of your best work.
  • Bring a passport-style photograph of yourself for us to attach to the record of interview. The photo is not used by any means in the selection criteria. It is simply to aid speedy applicant identification. This is useful, but not compulsory.
  • Be on time (actually, be early!)

Please feel free to contact the Melbourne Polytechnic  Screen and Media Unit on the number or email address listed below for any information regarding the Info Sessions, the interview, or anything else.

Further Information

03 9269 1745