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Congratulations on completing your qualification!

After successfully completing the requirements of one of our programs, the next step is to complete an application form to receive your official qualification. If you completed a certificate I to IV course, use this form. For Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate and Bachelor Degree programs, please complete an Application for Testamur – here's the right form . You can also collect hard copies of these forms from either your departmental administration office or a Melbourne Polytechnic Information Services desk.

The graduation ceremony

Have a look at our Guide to Graduation to find out more. Please note that if you completed a certificate, your qualification will be posted to your address and unfortunately you cannot attend the graduation ceremony. Use the Amend Personal Details form to update your details.

Return the correct application form to Melbourne Polytechnic

  • To your Department Administration Office or an Information Centre.
  • Post: Awards Office, Melbourne Polytechnic Academic Registry, 77-91 St Georges Road, Preston, Victoria, 3072, Australia

What happens next

The Awards Office will confirm that you have successfully completed all the requirements of the course. If your application is successful, it needs to be verified by the Melbourne Polytechnic Faculty Boards and recommended for approval. Melbourne Polytechnic goes through this process twice a year – June and November. If your application is unsuccessful you will be notified in writing.

Receiving your qualification

If you decide to accept your qualification by mail, it will be sent to you via Australia Post's Registered Mail service. If you need a replacement copy of your qualification, complete a Replacement of Qualification form. If you successfully complete your course in the middle of the year, you will receive your qualification via Registered Mail in November of the same year you studied.

Some FAQs

 + What if I lose my certificate?

You will need to complete a Replacement of Qualification form asap and return it to any campus Information Office. An administration fee applies.

 + What if I need something in writing before I receive my certificate?

If you require confirmation of your qualification right away, please contact your department as they may be able to issue you with an interim letter before you receive your official document.

 + I didn’t receive my certificate (or testamur) because my address was incorrect.

Returned certificates/testamurs can be collected from the Preston Information Centre, St Georges Rd Preston within the calendar year.  If you do not collect yours within this period it will be destroyed.

Replacement fees apply for reprinting your certificate. 

 + When should I fill in a form?

Complete the form once you have successfully completed all the required units of study or other competency requirements

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