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The Future Is Bright For Agriculture Student Abbey

Agriculture Student Abbey Wright sitting on hay bales with cow in a stable behind her.
Agriculture student Abbey Wright

Abbey Wright is plotting a near perfect pathway appealing to her passion, learning and growth through Agriculture and Land Management.

Abbey Wright is currently studying for a Certificate III in Agriculture and already has an eye on next year’s intake for the Certificate IV in Agriculture. Commencing her Melbourne Polytechnic life at a young age, 

Mentors for the Future 

Through a two week placement, Abbey gained some experience with ‘driving a tractor and quad bike, how to operate the slasher, muster cows and sheep, spray weeds and vaccinate calves. I also got to take part in harvesting oats and making silage’. This set Abbey on a progression she would follow over the next two years. ‘The staff were such important mentors in my journey as they encouraged me to follow my passion, gave me guidance and opened my eyes to many career opportunities. This made me realise that this was the industry I wanted to work in… I loved my time at the farm so much'.

Abbey chose to study at Melbourne Polytechnic because ‘the courses are flexible and I had control of my own learning as well as having kind and understanding teachers that are here to help you.’

A pathway of conviction and progression

Abbey went from VCAL, into a Certificate II in Animal Care, now doing a Certificate III in Agriculture and has every intention to enrol next year into the Certificate IV in Agriculture. She sees a future in the industry, hoping to work ‘on a beef or dairy farm. I really enjoyed my artificial insemination unit this year, so I would also love to work for a genetics company.’

‘All the courses I have studied at Melbourne Polytechnic have correlated with each other and given different life experiences and knowledge. It started off with me pursuing my interests and has led me to now….’

Abbey recently competed at the Royal Melbourne Show with her classmates from Melbourne Polytechnic. ‘All the students in Certificates II and III have been entered into various competitions at the show. Our steers and the students will be judged. We have spent a lot of time with our steers teaching them how to walk, square up and stand square. The students have also been learning to walk, what to look for when you get into the ring and using the show cane. It is so exciting that all our hard work, dedication and persistence has now paid off and we have the opportunity to show our amazing steers.’

Hands-on Experience

Abbey says the Certificate III in Agriculture ‘is very hands on and teaches many skills that you will need in the workplace. We get experience with cattle, sheep and cropping work. My class has a diverse range of people – age, gender, race, religion, living in the city or in the country. We always have great discussions about Australian agriculture and our teachers are always happy to answer our burning questions.’

Melbourne Polytechnic the way to go for future agriculture students

‘I would definitely recommend the courses I have studied! I’ve learned and gained so much valuable knowledge and met so many amazing teachers and students who have helped me develop my skills and grow into the person I am today.’

To find out more about our earth sciences and agriculture courses, click here or if animal studies is your thing, click here. Please note, Certificate III and Certificate IV in Agriculture are offered free of tuition fees under the Victorian Government’s Free TAFE for Priority Courses program