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Maintaining a legacy of growth and excellence in Carpentry and Timber Technology

Scholarships winners of Sarah Hall, Glenn Ellingsen and Muhammad Al Moukhles are featured with the Provan and Rosenberg families smiling after accepting their awards
Pictured left to right: student Glenn Ellingsen, Jarrod Rosenberg, Marnie Rosenberg, David Provan, student Sarah Hall, Greg Provan and student Muhammad Al Moukhles

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Provan Family Carpentry Scholarships and Award!

Sarah Hall and Muhammad Al Moukhles were the recipients of the Provan & Rosenberg Families Carpentry, Joinery and Cabinet Making Scholarships, while Glenn Ellingsen received the David Provan & Sons Annual Award for Carpentry, Joinery and Cabinet Making.

Beginning in 2020, the scholarships support our ever growing trades industries and honour the legacy started by David Provan – a founding board member of Collingwood Technical School, now Melbourne Polytechnic and founder of Provans Timber and Hardware.

David Provan’s legacy

Provan started the business in 1903 and established a longstanding relationship with Melbourne Polytechnic. The current proprietors are the Rosenberg family, and in collaboration with the Provan family, they award up to three annual scholarships valued at almost $6,000.

As Provan family representative David Provan puts it, “My great grandfather was an extraordinary man, and I believe his values have been carried down through the generations. We strive to meet those values that he set 120 years ago – hard work, the importance of family and the local community, mentorship, respect and care for his staff. The main motivation behind the scholarships is to honour those values and help students achieve their career goals.”

Creating long term impact

The scholarship recipients were elated to learn of their award and grateful for the support it provides.

In their application statements, each had the following to say:

“Being an apprentice comes with two big obstacles: the pay rate and the cost of tools to do the job. This scholarship would allow me to buy some much needed tools for work and for later, when I start making things for myself and others. This scholarship would also make me feel supported by the wider industry,” said Sarah.

“Alongside the obvious financial benefit, which would be a substantial help, being granted this scholarship will give me an advantage to see out my ambitions in the future. It just might be the difference between employment at a job I aspire to attain or an unsuccessful application email,” said Muhammad.

Legacy and growth in the industry

Our trade industries in Victoria are the backbone of society and we are immensely grateful to the Rosenberg and Provan families for the support they provide and how each award fosters diversity within the industry.

“The Provan and Rosenberg families have been so generous with this ongoing program, it continues to encourage the growth and support for the timber trade industry,” says Daniel Romanin, Program Lead of Carpentry, Joinery and Furniture.

Welcoming 2024 scholarship and award applications

Our annual scholarships will open mid 2024 for applications.

“My strong suggestion to students is always to put in an application and think about how the funds can help you,” says David. “If you take the time and consideration, there’s a good possibility that you could be the next recipient.”

For more information on how you can apply for the Provan scholarships, or for general scholarship enquiries, visit our Scholarship page.

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Construction Trades - Apprentice, Full Time - Heidelberg, Epping
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Construction Trades - Apprentice, Part Time - Heidelberg
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