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Finding Your Spark: David’s Story

David Jarman came to Melbourne Polytechnic looking for something different. He sought somewhere he could work with his hands while still earning a qualification that could take him further in whichever future he was most drawn to.

“Melbourne Polytechnic has been pretty instrumental in my journey.” David recounts. “It’s been a kind of turning point where I've decided on my future career.”

He completed a Certificate II in Electrotechnology 22499VIC, the pre-apprenticeship for becoming an electrician, and now plans on continuing to secure his Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician UEE30820.

Embracing kinesthetic learning

Learning style has been a key deciding factor in David’s journey as he appreciates the hands-on learning of an apprenticeship over the theory-focus that is often done in many universities.

A model student, mentor and motivated learner with a keen analytical mind, David excels at working with his hands while also meeting the course’s technical requirements.

Throughout his course, David continually stood out to both fellow students and lecturers alike, for his natural ability to turn the course material into an efficient process, all the while remaining curious and eager to look at problems from a new angle.

“This trade is one that keeps you thinking,” David exclaims, “you have to be ready to adapt to changes at a moment’s notice.

David's excellence recognised

Described by Lead Electrical Teacher, Cindy Davies as “one of the best all-round students I have ever had the pleasure to teach,” David has since gone on to win our 2023 Outstanding Construction Vocational Education Student of the Year Award.

His first response was a delighted sense of surprise, followed by a deep appreciation, gratitude and reflection on hard work paying off.

“To hear about winning Student of the Year, I was honestly a bit shocked. I didn't expect it,” he says.

In each subcategory, our Outstanding Student of the Year Awards go beyond honouring academic achievement, they look at and recognise holistic excellence inside and outside the classroom.

David exemplifies the blend of theory and practical knowledge, consistently approaching the course with real-world application at the front of his mind.

“It’s about finding a role that I enjoy and working towards the future in that role,” David explains.

His biggest takeaway from studying at Melbourne Polytechnic has been a sense of clear direction, knowing what career he wants and understanding what pathway to spark his aspirations into realities