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Info Tech - Jobs of the Future

Information technology student posing for photo, with screen monitor behind her.

The world is moving at an incredibly fast pace and technology is keeping up. The gap between technology advancement and job skills is widening, information technology specialists including those in the field of cybersecurity are in high demand.

Technology spans across every industry, even ones where you wouldn’t expect like agriculture. As individuals, our lives are more frequently dominated by technology and a skilled technology-based workforce is on the rise. A recent LinkedIn Business report stated that the top five careers of 2021 and beyond will be related to technology. With customer service sitting at the top of this list, even these career choices will have a tech flavour as online shopping and customer relations shifts to the digital space.

With this in mind, the time and financial investment that goes into a degree may be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Develop your career

One of the emerging careers heading into the next decade are ‘full stack engineers’. These tech specialists understand back and front-end systems and can work through projects full circle.

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Information Technology has three major streams that offer a practical way to develop the most in-demand skills in the modern tech industry:

  • Network Security
  • Business Information Systems
  • Software Development

The IT degree is accredited through the Australian Computer society.

Come to an information session about an IT degree

Information sessions give you the opportunity to ask questions about your IT degree to lecturers who teach the program.

Solve real-world IT problems in an agile setting

An advantage of doing a skills-based degree is that you emerge from your studies with real-world experience. In your final year of study, you complete two industry-based projects where you solve complex business problems. Throughout these projects, you work within the Agile framework, an invaluable project management skill set that is applied in tech industries across the world.

Be mentored in small classes

Skills-based degrees allow for a more tailored learning experience because you aren’t lost in a sea of others. Small class sizes of less than 20 students allow for individual attention and focused mentoring tailored to your learning needs. This creates a very supportive learning environment and sets you up for success on your tech career path.

Studying Information Technology at Melbourne Polytechnic, you learn from lecturers with both academic and professional experience within the industry. The Bachelor of Information Technology degree is also accredited by ACS, the largest professional ICT body in Australia.

A global career choice

Melbourne Polytechnic is partnered with SAS Institute in the USA. As a graduate from Melbourne Polytechnic with an information technology degree, you receive an accreditation certificate in IT Analytics and Software Development Analytics from SAS.

Student Billy Markowicz says “using the SAS Software for Knowledge Management Systems has been a wonderful experience – applying a variety of tools to an advanced and user-friendly level.”

Plug and play for a career in IT

Info tech is a massive field and it’s growing every day. There’s always a demand from creative problem solvers with lots of practical skills and hands-on experience, especially in fields like network security, business systems and software development.

Many of our graduates have gone on to land exciting jobs. One graduate, Dhruv Desai, for example, is now working as a Data Analyst at PTV.

Find out the fundamentals of a career in the info tech industry

Information sessions give you the opportunity to ask questions about your degree to lecturers who teach the program. Sessions are free and no-obligation. We want to arm you with as much information as possible as we know that taking the step into education is a big decision.

Book an information session for your chance to have a chat with our lecturers and explore how a degree with Melbourne Polytechnic helps you become a job-ready info tech professional.

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