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Get a skills-based degree in Business or Accounting

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What can you really expect from a business degree? ‘Business’ is a broad term, much like ‘Arts’.  The benefit is a Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Accounting sets you up with transferable, job-ready skills that you can apply across almost any industry.

An accounting degree or a business degree will give you core principles and practices that cover the fundamentals of the business world – info tech, marketing, economics, accounting. These topics can be intense, so imagine trying to process this knowledge whilst sitting in a lecture hall of 500 people? 

Accounting or Business?

Whilst business takes a more holistic view of the corporate or entrepreneurship landscapes, accounting is more honed to economics and finance.

If you want to take the lead in the corporate world, or maybe launch your own start-up, the Bachelor of Business gives you the well-rounded, practical foundations you need to excel in business. 

The Bachelor of Accounting sets you up practical skills and knowledge of tax and corporate accounting, auditing and business law. You can also study electives in areas like management and marketing.

This Bachelor of Accounting is accredited by CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, and the Tertiary Quality and Standards Agency. Graduates of Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Accounting will be eligible to apply for associate membership of CPA Australia. You might work as an accountant in the public, private or financial sector, a business consultant, business analyst, business sustainability auditor, financial manager, auditor or entrepreneur.

Both degrees incorporate high levels of ethics management and sustainable business practices.

Come to an information session about studying a business degree

Information sessions give you the opportunity to ask questions about your business degree to lecturers who teach the program.

Be mentored in small classes

The fundamentals of business and accounting are rigid. Get the basics right and you can start to develop your business ideas with creativity and innovation.

Because these principles are imperative, Melbourne Polytechnic keeps class sizes small, allowing our lecturers to focus on you as an individual rather than just a student number in a lecture hall. Of course like any degree, autonomy and self-management are expected but if you hit a knowledge roadblock, your lecturers are there to help and mentor you through.

Melbourne Polytechnic also offers weekly study skills sessions where you learn how to approach different types of assessments.

Ahead of the textbooks

As the world goes digital, the business world is changing quickly. To stay ahead of the game, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Using the latest technology like cloud software, blockchain reporting and big data in your business and accounting practices are essential knowledge blocks for your career. In other words, we teach you what hasn’t made it to the textbooks yet.

Put your business skills into practice

From data analysis to business plans, you have the opportunity to develop your problem solving and critical thinking skills in the real world of business. Throughout your degree, you have the chance to get hands-on experience through work placements, practical assessments and business-based competitions.

Hit the ground running in the business world

Whether you go into accounting or business, there’s always a demand for hands-on problem solvers in the business world. A Business or Accounting degree at Melbourne Polytechnic, gives you strong foundations to make a name for yourself as a professional.

Many of our graduates have landed top competitive jobs at large companies including one of the big four accounting firms, PwC Australia.

Learning from the very start of your decision

Information sessions give you the opportunity to ask questions about your degree to the lecturers who teach the program. Sessions are free and no-obligation. We want to arm you with as much information as possible as we know that taking the step into education is a big decision.

Book an information session for your chance to have a chat with our lecturers and explore how a degree with Melbourne Polytechnic helps you become a business or accounting professional.

Register for an information session here.