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Modern Equipment for a Modern Industry

Industries are constantly evolving. If we don’t adapt along with them, we risk getting left behind.

At Melbourne Polytechnic, we are proud to represent the future of Agricultural training. Our aim is always to match our training with the practical demands of the job.

This goal has been made possible through the award of a grant from the Victorian Government’s Agriculture TAFE and Training Fund (ATTF).

The ATTF was established as an avenue to modernise Victoria’s training institutions.

Thanks to this grant, students can use our new technology as both a learning tool and a preparative tool for their future work.

What’s new?

Our Eden Park campus is a working farm, and our equipment needed to reflect the industry while giving our students a strong foundation in aspects of regenerative agriculture – a technique that prioritises farming in balance with the natural environment.

Here’s an overview of some of the new vehicles we’ve added to the fleet.


Our Kubota M7 tractor has the horsepower we need to get the job done. It features an Ag Leader satellite mapping tool that’s able to show you which part of the paddock you’re working on and has pinpoint accuracy that prevents spraying or fertilising the same area twice.

Orange Kubota M7 Tractor parked on short grass with a seed drill and counterweight attached.

Training and Tow Vehicle with Soil Scanner

Our EM38 Scanner attaches to our Kubota Training and Tow vehicle and uses electromagnetic scans to determine soil quality. Before this, there was no real way to tell what was going on underneath the soil and as a result, farmers weren’t using land in an optimal way. Now, we can plant the right crops in the right places where they’ll grow.

Orange Training and Tow Vehicle with Soil Scanner


The Kubota SD2301 Seeder is actually designed for conservation to direct native seeds into the ground over a larger area at a lower cost. Using it in Agriculture draws us closer to a regenerative Agriculture practice that puts the environment first. 

Kubota SD2301 Seeder


Our Croplands Pinto3000 Sprayer is a tool that can be used for herbicides but also can be used for distributing organic fertiliser. All our new pieces of technology seamlessly integrate using the global standard ISOBUS connection module. They create a practical teaching setting that matches the farms our students will go on to work on.

Red Croplands Pinto3000 Sprayer tool

Looking forward

Whether you’re interested in studying for a Certificate II, Certificate IV, or Diploma, our Agriculture courses will get you ready to start your career. 

We say to students – you’re a farmer. That goes beyond a focus on just one form of produce, we’re all-rounders. At Melbourne Polytechnic, our new equipment helps to set you on that path with the most effective and sustainable farming practices.

To learn more about the available pathways you can take, visit our Agriculture Study Area page.