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Accounting student Miranda studying to build her family business

Portrait of Miranda with white background
Miranda Dewi Maharani - Bachelor of Accounting

Miranda from Bali, Indonesia is studying a Bachelor of Accounting at Melbourne Polytechnic, and finds studying and travelling will benefit her in the future when she returns to work in her home country.

Why did you select Melbourne Polytechnic for your studies?

There were several reasons, Melbourne Polytechnic offers us a variety of programs and majors to select from. We also have the opportunity to meet students from different countries and backgrounds. At Melbourne Polytechnic, as the number of students in each class is small, we receive individual attention from the lecturers and we are able to interact with them as well.

Australia has an advanced higher education sector. I wanted to challenge myself and be independent by living away from home. I wanted to meet new people and seek new experiences.

What can you tell us about your course?

I am pursuing a Bachelor of Accounting degree, and I chose this program because my goal is to return to Bali, Indonesia, and join my parents’ company.

The course structure is interesting and challenging. We learn theory, and we are also prepared to face the real world in terms of employment. The lecturers and the tutors are very helpful. If we need assistance we can contact them via email, or by phone.

How is student life in Melbourne?

The first year was a bit challenging because I had to adjust myself to living in Melbourne, away from home. I had to make new friends and also learn how to manage my finances on my own. As I progressed into the second and third years, I learned how to manage my studies, academics, work, and day-to-day life.

I have made many friends from Colombia, China, and Korea. It is such a great experience to meet people from different backgrounds and countries.

SLAM enriches student experiences by organizing events, competitions, and fundraisers, which makes it more fun for students at Melbourne Polytechnic.

What is your most memorable moment?

Once my lecturers and friends decided to go to one of the Melbourne Polytechnic restaurants, it was such a pleasant experience where we ate together and enjoyed ourselves.

What is your advice to future students?

The application process is easy and effective, so you don’t have to worry about it, and as Melbourne Polytechnic has a separate office for international students you can ask for any assistance.

I would like to tell new students that while pursuing their education they should not neglect other aspects of their lives. You need to balance your studies with daily life.