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A Life Long Career in Music

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Surprising career paths in music

Music teacher, Jack Pantazis has been around music all his life. He has been bringing his experience and passion to students every day for the last 35 years.

Some parents out there would prefer their kids didn’t take the same road as they did when it comes to careers. Jack’s dad, George was no different. He was a piano player six nights a week for over 40 years. Whilst he loved it, he didn’t feel that this was the life he wanted for his kids. Following his parents’ wishes, Jack went on to study accounting.

Side gig to full time

While he completed his studies in accounting, Jack took on a side gig as a music teacher and worked part-time in music stores. He soon realised music was his true vocation. “I’ve been around music and played the guitar and piano since I was eight or nine. There were always musical instruments laying around the house and music was just in my blood.”

Jack had the conversation with his dad, saying “Look, I’m doing music anyway so I may as well make it a full time career.” That was 32 years ago.

Teaching style

Jack never thought teaching was the profession he’d fall into. “It just sort of happened,” says Jack. It was his own guitar teacher that heavily influenced him. “It’s pretty much from his distinct teaching style that I developed my own style. He really encouraged me and I try to do the same with my students. The way my teacher taught, and the way he gave information, the way he supported, they were all very important things in my life.”

There have been many moments where Jack has been exceptionally proud of his students. Recently, he received a hand-written note from a student deeply thanking him for how he delivers his classes and the support that he provides.

Although Jack can’t get to see every student perform gigs (he’d be out on the town every night!), he gets immense satisfaction when he is at a gig and his protégés are up on stage. It’s equally rewarding when he is on stage and spots a face from the classroom in the audience. “It just shows a mutual appreciation of our craft and that means a lot.”

Jack’s teaching passion lays in seeing a student develop. “It’s always an interesting journey for everyone and I genuinely love seeing students reach their musical goals.”

Develop your uniqueness

Jack believes everyone has his or her uniqueness about getting to ‘that’ place, but they need receive information at just the right time. He drip feeds his students so they have an opportunity to really soak it up. “A teacher’s style takes time to develop,” says Jack. “Once this has taken hold, students are the ones that reap the benefits.”

We love having Jack, together with all the music program teachers, guide you through your studies. Their passion, commitment, and genuine care will get you to where you want to be in your music career.


Eduardo Madrid vocal performance
My performance skills improved immensely while studying Music Performance at Melbourne Polytechnic, way beyond my expectations.
Eduardo Madrid
Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Performance)