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A dream career in Early Childhood Education becomes reality for Diah

An educator reading to a group of primary school students, seated on the floor.
An educator sitting on a chair reading to a group of primary school students who are seated on the floor.

The education journey for Diah Hastuti was not a fast one but with persistence and an unwavering passion for childhood education, she has made it to her dream career with a Bachelor of Education (Early Years and Primary).

Diah came to Australia via a study scholarship in 2012, choosing an Associate Degree of Early Years Studies at Melbourne Polytechnic. Working as an administrator for a childcare centre in her native Indonesia, she knew that she had a keen interest in developing young minds and natural aptitude for the early childhood learning environment.

Having secured employment shortly after her Associate Degree, Diah diligently worked whilst building her own family and settling into life in Australia as a permanent resident. In 2020, just before the pandemic, Diah started her Bachelor of Education (Early Years and Primary) at Melbourne Polytechnic. Studying through lockdowns was a challenge for students and lecturers alike, but Diah triumphed and has recently graduated with excellent results.

Melbourne Polytechnic focuses on the needs of individuals

The true drawcard for Diah was the smaller class sizes and one-on-one attention that Melbourne Polytechnic provides students. Diah says 'of course there are other providers, but the thought of being in a large lecture hall with loads of people was very unappealing. I liked that Melbourne Polytechnic really focuses on an individual student’s needs.'

Diah was impressed with the breadth of knowledge of her lecturers and the professional way they approached all topics. 'Sometimes, especially for international students, some topics aren’t openly discussed but Melbourne Polytechnic lecturers are very progressive and open minded with all of the course modules, they take everyone’s individual circumstances into consideration and apply the learning accordingly.'

Rising demand and opportunities in Early Childhood Education

With three-year-old kinder having commenced in 2023, Early Childhood Educators are in high demand. The Victorian Government is investing $5 billion over the next decade in the sector.

Minister for Early Childhood, Ingrid Stitt says 'Growing the early childhood education workforce is critical for the state-wide roll-out of Three-Year-Old Kinder – the biggest reform in the history of early childhood education in Victoria. We are giving our early childhood teachers the best support to work across the state so that all Victorian children can have a great start to their educational journey, no matter where they live.' 

Jobs and Skills Australia has stated the education sector is expected to grow by over 13% in the next five years, leaving the employment opportunity door wide open. On average, Early Childhood Educators can expect to earn an annual salary of $75k, experience dependent.

Diah has secured long term work at her existing employer, and she plans to study further and extend her knowledge in the specialist field of play therapy.

Now that Diah has completed her Bachelor of Education (Early Years and Primary) course, her best advice for new students is to ‘have fun and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The lecturers at Melbourne Polytechnic embrace diversity and are very open and understanding to all students.' 

Melbourne Polytechnic has degrees, diplomas and certificates in Early Childhood Education and Education Support.

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