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Through the Decades – 1960s


The sixties were a tumultuous decade of hope, change and political protest. Although a dangerous time in many ways, it was a fertile decade in the sciences, arts and entertainment.

In 1963 the Commonwealth Government established the Country Apprenticeship Scheme, the first national scheme to support apprentices. A subsidy was paid to employers for the first year of an apprenticeship to employ apprentices from country areas and there were also allowances for apprentices living away from home. Growth in vocational education continued to accelerate with apprenticeship numbers reaching 100,000 for the first time.

Preston Technical School (which became Preston Technical College in 1964) and Collingwood Technical School were involved with the push to have technical colleges provide higher level education such as diplomas.

Despite several new buildings, space continued to be problem at Preston Technical College in the 1960s. An old house, a church hall and a shelter shed were all pressed into service as classrooms. As Principal C.J. Coon said, “Facilities at the college cannot keep pace with enrolments. We are bursting at the seams for accommodation.”

Student Enrolments

In 1969 Collingwood Technical School had 588 secondary students and 3523 post-secondary students.

Final Siren

In Victorian football the premiers were Hawthorn (1961), Essendon (1962 and 65), Geelong (1963), Melbourne (1964), St Kilda (1966), Richmond (1967 and 69) and Carlton (1968 and 70).

Winning Post

Melbourne Cup winners for the 1960s were Hi Jinx (1960), Lord Fury (1961), Even Stevens (1962), Gatum Gatum (1963), Polo Prince (1964), Light Fingers (1965), Galilee (1966), Red Handed (1967) and Rain Lover (1968 and 1969).​

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