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The 1910s

1850s: during the Gold Rushes the swampy area to Melbourne’s north known as the ‘Flat’ (later known as Collingwood) becomes home to immigrants from Scotland, England and Ireland with many living in tents and shacks.

1873: Collingwood becomes a ‘town’ and later, a ‘city’ in 1876.

1870s – 1910s: Collingwood becomes an industrial zone with industries including tanning, wool washing, brewing and boot making but is also known for its pollution, crime, overcrowding and unemployment.

1901 Federation takes effect in Australia.

1912: Collingwood Technical School opened.
August 1914: assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria sparks the commencement of World War I.

1917: Russian Revolution.

1918: first radio message sent between Sydney and London.

1918-19: Spanish flu epidemic (causes 12000 deaths in Australia)

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