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Did you know? – 1910s


The first day classes at Collingwood Technical School started in 1913 and were held in the former Collingwood Town Hall and Court House in Johnson Street, Collingwood.

When Collingwood Technical School first commenced, fees ranged from 3 shillings 6 pence for Grade 1 Boot and Shoe making classes to 12 shillings for a Grade 3 Carpentry course.

In 1912 the average income ranged between £90 and £136 pounds a year. If your annual salary was £90 pound then a year of Grade 3 Carpentry tuition at Collingwood Technical School would cost about 8% of your yearly income.

The Collingwood Technical School Badge was designed circa 1914 and consisted of a gear wheel enclosing a square, a pair of calipers, an artist's palette and the letters CTS. The badge featured the traditional Collingwood Colours of black and white which also stood for purity (white) and the darkness of ignorance (black).

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