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George Henry Thomas

Electrical trades teacher, electrical engineer, School Council member and President 1922 – 1981.

A connection with Collingwood Technical School spanning nearly 60 years. 

George Henry Thomas was involved in technical education from his time as a junior technical student at Geelong in 1913 until his retirement from the Council of Collingwood Technical School in 1981.

He obtained a Diploma in Electrical Engineering at the Gordon Technical College and taught there for a while. Later he became a part-time teacher of electrical trades at Collingwood in 1922 and full-time from 1930. In 1939 he gave up teaching and became electrical engineer for the City of Northcote and a consulting engineer for Box Hill and Port Melbourne. He nonetheless maintained his association with Collingwood as an examiner for the State Electricity Commission and from 1947 as a member of the School Council, serving as President in 1961-62.

He was also from 1967-1971 the representative for metropolitan technical schools and colleges on the Council of Monash University. He retired from the School Council in 1981 once the secondary and post-secondary sections of Collingwood were separated.

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