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Discover the inspirational stories behind our passionate students and teachers – past and present. 


Alex Cowmeadow

Staff member, Collingwood Technical School 1927 – 1961.

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Amy Findlay

It’s been a wild ride for Amy Findlay, NMIT graduate and lead singer of Stonefield.

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Bill Lawry

In 1949 in his first year at Preston Tech, Bill Lawry was recognised for his prowess with a cricket bat.

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Bob Watson

My ancestors were boilermakers who came from Scotland and settled in Collingwood.

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Danny Henderson

A practical grounding gave this apprentice cabinet maker the ability to turn his hand to just about anything.

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Chris Bennett

Chris took valuable lessons and skills from his time at Collingwood Technical School. 

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Elise Hopper

Elise was a gifted student who was not engaged at secondary school, and drifted aimlessly.

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Evan Lee

Graduating from Preston Tech with excellent problem solving skills and a great right hook!

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George Henry Thomas

A connection with Collingwood Technical School spanning nearly 60 years. 

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Georgia Fields

Georgia Fields, took out top prize in the NMIT Songwriters' Competition.

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Helen Adams

I started work at Collingwood Technical School in January 1977

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Jack Adams

Jack Adams only spent one year at Collingwood Tech but it remains as one of his fondest memories.

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Joe Ciaverella

NMIT has been a part of Joe’s life for over 47 years. 

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Ken Fyffe

Ken attended Preston Technical School (PTS) from 1937-39

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Lou Richards

He has never forgotten those early beginnings at Collingwood Tech

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Neil Hinchcliffe

A Preston Tech boy who bowled to Lawry at lunchtimes and played with Barassi on weekends.

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Norm Shearer

Norm Shearer has contributed a great deal to make NMIT what it is today.

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Thomas Thrupp

Tom Thrupp was born on September 22, 1903, in the gold mining town of Cue, WA.

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Ray McMahon

My technical education set me up for a life of adventure and achievement. 
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Ron Barassi

When Ron Barassi started as a student at Preston Technical School in 1948, it was the beginning of a new era in his life.
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