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Academic Governance

Academic Board

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Academic Board advises Melbourne Polytechnic’s Board (MPB) on the implementation of strategic direction and policy in matters of curriculum, learning and teaching, quality assurance of education and training programs, course development and review, academic staff development, applied research and educational partnerships, scholarships and standards, and the student experience.

The Academic Board is authorised to approve academic policies and procedures, academic governance arrangements, course proposals and revisions, pathways and articulations arrangement, selection and admissions processes, and the granting of awards.

The Academic Board also monitors and reports on the quality and standards of all educational activities, including program design and delivery, professional practice, academic policy development and review, regulatory compliance, trends and influences in the Polytechnic’s external environment.

The membership comprises the senior educational and associated service managers, external members with Higher Education and Vocational Education expertise, and staff and student representation.

Academic Board Members

  • Professor Lee Astheimer – Director, Melbourne Polytechnic Board
  • Sandy Forbes – Director, Melbourne Polytechnic Board
  • Jim Pasinis – Director, Melbourne Polytechnic Board
  • Frances Coppolillo – Deputy CEO
  • Dr Karina Davis – Director, College of Education, Training and Leadership
  • Diane Lewis – Head, Learning and Teaching
  • Pauline Thambu – Head, Quality
  • Marin Radobuljac – Academic Registrar
  • Cathy Frazer – Director, Student Experience
  • Associate Professor Angela Carbone – Monash University (External Academic/Industry member)
  • Dr Greg Moore – The University of Melbourne (External Academic/Industry member)
  • Dr Anne Rouse – Psychologist and Education Consultant (External Academic/Industry member)
  • Lindee Conway – Head, School of Foundation and Preparatory Studies
  • Dr Julian Hill – Head, School of Food, Plant and Animal Industries
  • Basil Papageorge – Head, School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Dr Sashigaran Sivasathasan – Head, School of Engineering, Design and Construction
  • Dr Tim Weir – Head, School of Creative Arts
  • Caroline Kennedy-McKracken – Head of Program, Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production (HE Staff Member)
  • Craig Jones – Lead Teacher, Information Technology (VE Staff Member)
  • Daniel Rozeck – Bachelor of Information Technology (HE Student Member)
  • David Batten – Diploma of Community Services (VE Student Member)

Academic Governance Structure

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